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Last Pirate SCRIPT 06 07

The complex of wooden buildings on Arlington Road is the last surviving reminder that Jacksonville was a major movie production center during the silent era. As Dunbar noted, in its heyday of the mid-1910s, Jacksonville was home to more than 30 studios.

Last Pirate SCRIPT 06 07

"Hope springs eternal with me," said Devan Stuart, chairman of the board of the Norman Studios Silent Film Museum, who said the organization recently lost in bidding for a script of Norman's 1921 Western "The Bull-Dogger," which featured black rodeo star Bill Pickett. "I have to imagine that somewhere there is one more Norman film in somebody's possession."

Here you will find a list of contributions to the old Scripting Library from 2003 to 2009. See the LSL Library here on the wiki for newer contributions (or add your own!). Most of these scripts will work as well as they did when they were posted, some were made obsolete or will need updates due to changes in Second Life over the years. This is a first pass, some organization and missing bits will come later.

Some archived script sources were damaged by the conversion process. If you see the code suddenly goes italic then a variable i was probably mangled into an HTML tag. If you see a emoticon, it is probably a mangled ;. If you see other unexpected formatting, an LSL list expression like [url] was probably mistaken for a bbcode tag.

If your browser can support user scripts, this little Greasemonkey script can fix the damage noticed so far. The script will be updated from time to time if other problems are found. Tested with Greasemonkey on Firefox and GreaseKit on Mac Safari, will check Chrome and some others later.

Holsom Yurr was a notorious rail pirate who was hired to neutralize Nova. In his calculated plan, the pirate lured Nova onto the Orokin vessel, Masker's Theodolite, by rupturing its antimatter reactor as it was being drawn into a gravity well of a planetoid. Once Nova was aboard, he jettisoned all of the ship's escape pods and then the antimatter core. Without the core, the ship's reactor ceased to function, threatening the lives of its 10,800 crew. Nova, a being that contains and harnesses antimatter, would be forced to sacrifice herself in order to replace the antimatter core.

Turning to the technicians she had saved, Nova threw her Hikou stars at Yurr's surveillance cameras and devised a strategy. She then walked into the reactor chamber, only for the technicians to override the blast doors to allow her to Worm Hole into the bridge and Molecular Prime Yurr and his mercenaries, picking them off with her Alamos Sniper. She then grabbed Yurr and threw him back into the series of Worm Holes, bringing him into the reactor chamber, before they collapsed and the blast doors sealed shut.

Behind the glass the technicians gave him a final, grim salute before slamming the blast door closed. Holsom Yurr, pirate and legend, went nova. The reactor caught the reaction. The technicians harnessed it, and the engines of the Masker's Theodolite roared to life. It was, indeed, the boldest of fools who attempted to leash lightning. And so a notorious rogue, said to be unkillable, met his end in the attempt.

You can create a script within into the app, then type the lines in using the Record / Edit screen. This will allow you to create scenes, characters, dialog and stage directions. This method is suitable for relatively small scripts, but if you have a longer one then you might want to create a text file using a word processor on your device, PC or Mac, then import that instead.

You can create a script within the app, then just record your lines using the Record / Edit screen. You can always add some of the text later if you want to. To make it easier you'll probably want to create the characters first, so you know who each line is for

Script Rehearser can import many common script formats straight from a PDF file. The importer will automatically detect the format of many screenplays and stageplays. It will then create the characters and lines in the app.

A fallback method if a PDF contains the actual text but won't import is to open it in another app on a PC/Mac and 'Save As' Text. The text file could then be reformatted and loaded using the Text Importer (see below), although depending on the script quite a lot of reformatting may be needed.

A Rehearser file is a special type of file that you can create from within the app, with a name ending in ".rhr".You can create one from the Script Library screen by selecting a script and choosing Export Script from the menu.In addition to the script itself a Rehearser file contains each character's settings and any voice recordings that have been made. This file can only be edited within the app, not on a word processor, but it can be shared with someone or kept as a backup.To import a Rehearser file just use the File Chooser screen to navigate to the folder it is in, and select it.

After creating your script, use the Record / Edit screen to record the lines.Any lines that you don't record will be played back using the voice synthesiser that came with your device. The quality of these synthesisers varies, and is not under the control of Script Rehearser. This is intended as a fallback if you don't record your lines, you probably don't want to rehearse your script like this. Any lines that you record will be played back using that recording and not the synthesiser. It's OK to record some lines and not others - if a line is not recorded then it will default to using the synthesised voice.Using the Record / Edit screenTo begin recording, just press the character's Record button at the bottom of the screen.A Volume control appears at the top of the screen, and you can use this to change the volume of the recording.To stop recording, press the Stop button.Alternatively, to stop recording one line and immediately start recording the next, press another character's Record button.You can choose which characters have Record buttons by tapping the star symbol on the Character List screen.For more information on using the Record / Edit screen, see the Screens section of this web site.

Rehearse your script using the Learn Script screen. The lines will be spoken using the voice synthesiser that came with your device, or using the recordings you have made on the Record / Edit screen.Touch a line to start playing, or use the Play button. You can skip forward to your next cue (the line before your next line) or to the next scene.For more information on using the Learn Script screen, see the Screens section of this web site.

Using the Settings screen you can change the way the app works to suit your rehearsing style. You can change whether the app displays or hides your lines, and whether it speaks them immediately or stops on each of your lines.You can also choose to automatically repeat a scene or the whole script when rehearsing. For more information, see the Screens section of this web site.

  • Record your own voice, or use the built-in synthesized voices

  • Download a script from your PC or Mac, or just type it into your device

  • Customise scripts with your own notes and stage directions

  • Play the whole script, or skip forward to your next cue

  • Designed for phones and tablets

When you use the app we collect some anonymous data. This lets us understand how the different features of the app are being used.This data includes an encrypted form of the email address signed into your device. We use this to manage your subscription. Note that we don't get the email address itself, and this data doesn't allow us to identify you as an individual.

  • We request two permissions that could be considered sensitive: Record Audio. This is needed for you to record lines in the script

  • Read and Save Files. This is used to import and export scripts

[00:12:49] Especially in the middle of the ocean. The ship had enough food and drink to last 6 months, and was a very safe place to be. It made absolutely no sense, and people obviously tried to find explanations for what could have happened.

The upcoming and repeatedly delayed Gambit film, a spinoff of the X-Men movie franchise, will honor the mutant character's roots as a thief. For years, Gambit remained stuck in a state of limbo despite boasting Channing Tatum as its star. The past few months however, have seen the film's fortunes change. After Tatum teased the script was starting over from scratch a few months ago, word broke last week that Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) is now at the helm. With a director potentially secured, things look to finally be moving along.

While Verbinski still hasn't been officially confirmed, yesterday news arrived that Gambit now has a February 2019 release date. Though exciting, it is worth taking the news with a grain of salt as this isn't the first time the film has locked in a date. Still, with Tatum in the lead role and a new script and director potentially in hand, it's only a matter of time before the X-Men spinoff gets off the ground. And when it does, it looks as if it will feature Remy LeBeau doing what he does best. 041b061a72

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