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Download Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Mod APK with Unlimited Money and One Hit Kill

The game starts with you as the lone survivor on a raft pulled by a hot air balloon. When players enter the desert for the first time, they are immediately faced with a harsh environment. But now is not the time to be weak or lament your situation; If you want to survive and return, you must support yourself. Everything is in ruins, and civilizations are on the verge of collapse after the disaster. Things were so scarce that the already difficult situation became even worse. The player must use his skill and the given raft to survive the game.

raft survival desert nomad mod apk

Download apk:

With a compact size and completely free to help you easily download and experience the game quickly. The game offers a familiar survival style, but unlike other survival games, you do not need to confront other players. Instead, your task is to do everything to survive in the desert with many dangerous creatures that will make the player feel extremely excited.

In the game, you will be taken to a desolate desert where you will face difficulties to survive. Players must befriend the creatures here but stay away from predators because they can finish you at any time. Before the scene of the shipwreck, you will have to stay on liferafts with the desire to return to the mainland as soon as possible. Improve it and do everything you need to be able to escape from the current predicament. Remember that a life raft is all you have to get out of this place. So protect it from the threats around.

Each survival game has its own unique circumstances to make it difficult for players. So does Raft Survival: Desert Nomad. It takes you to really difficult situations in the desert, where no one can help but rely on themselves to overcome the challenges that come from the game. Players must make use of everything they have to be able to survive, showing their special survival ability. You will be given a raft, your food comes from small animals in the desert. Players can use the equipped hook to get resources that appear randomly in the desert such as crates, chests, and other necessary items to help them survive.

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad will give you a completely independent life, everything you do is for the sake of survival. Players will manually craft all kinds of tools, clothes, weapons, and other necessary things. This is a very suitable game for those who want to experience a new survival style. Why are you wandering in the great desert? What must you do to be liberated? When experiencing the game with a diverse screen system, players will partly find out the cause of it.

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High-quality visual performanceIn Raft Survival: Desert Nomad you will take on the role of the only survivor who found himself in the vast expanses of the desert. Surviving in harsh conditions will be quite difficult and you will have to build an unusual flying raft, thanks to which you will be able to move around air. It is important to replenish your supplies, look for provisions and useful resources so that your hero does not die of malnutrition and dehydration. Search for other survivorsHere you can surf the vast lands of the desert, but it is important to always control the health indicators of your hero. Thanks to the resources found, you will be able to create a unique levitating raft and move through the air on it, craft various items, armor and weapons, and even fight back deadly monsters. You will be given a choice of a wide variety of weapons and armor, the opportunity to explore new territories and look for other survivors, travel in a hot air balloon and complete exciting quest missions intertwined with the story.

Travel across vast deserts, observe indicators of health, hunger and thirst, and search for other survivors. Build a large air fortress, collect useful resources to improve the building and own a home. Faced with various monsters in the desert, you need to craft various armors and weapons to protect yourself from invaders.

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is a very interesting and unusual simulator dedicated to survival in difficult and dangerous conditions. This time the participant will find himself in the middle of an endless desert, where there is practically no food. The area is inhabited by predatory animals and terrible monsters. To protect themselves from hungry monsters, the gamer will build a durable raft and attach it to a balloon soaring above.

Get to know the friendly clan, who are the original inhabitants of the area, and establish a trusting relationship to help each other. Help the villagers deal with all the trouble that awaits them in the blazing wilderness. Protect your villagers, your village and yourself by crafting weapons to defend against desert monsters and mercenaries. Desert creatures live deep beneath the sand, giving monsters the advantage of appearing out of nowhere and tearing apart inexperienced tourists. Create a squad of survivors like you and together continue your journey through a vast world with a variety of locations

The Raft Survival Desert Nomad Simulator MOD APK is a high-quality wilderness survival and construction game. As a wanderer in the desert, you need to survive here. The survival gameplay and exquisite game graphics allow you to immerse yourself in it. How should you survive in the thrilling survival environment, in the endless desert.

2. In order to successfully develop a raft, you need to establish a safe area and reserve useful resources. In order to survive in the free survival game, you can build machines to extract water and food.

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Mod is a survival simulation game from the publisher TREASTONE LTD, the game is highly appreciated in terms of image quality as well as highly realistic gameplay. Especially when coming to this game, you will experience survival in barren deserts that you have never seen.

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Mod takes players to a desolate landscape in the middle of the desert, the lack of which is always present here. Not stopping there, you are not the only life in this desert. The monsters are always flocking to eat you and there are many different challenges in this harsh and barren natural place. Your only shelter is a hot air balloon hovering over the desert. This makes players feel immense, never knowing when fuel will run out, food and drink are always scarce, monsters are just waiting for you, etc. All create a great survival picture. Hopeful but also a lot of drama in this game.

Two indicators of hunger and thirst, you always need to pay attention because after all, this is also a survival game. Those stats drop to 20%, you must immediately add to the character or it will directly affect your health bar and your character may lose your life. All your crafting activities in the game will affect these two stats. Traveling a lot in the desert to collect materials and crafting items for a long time also makes you more hungry.

In this game there are many dangers that are always lurking around you. Here, you don't just find a way to survive by collecting materials, food, drinks, and machinery and crafting tools. But you also have to always pay attention and be careful of the monsters that are always lurking on the hot sand surface of the desert. Just a little opening and they can end your life in this game. Stay alert at all times.

You have to overcome hunger, thirst in the endless desert. Escaping from an unknown threat on a floating Raft. In this survival simulator, you can build a large air Raft, collect useful resources to produce and improve buildings, and craft a variety of armor and weapons to protect yourself from intruders.

Explore new territories You are the only survivor on this earth, so while taking a journey on a raft through the air, you will have the opportunity to explore new interesting locations, the open world is waiting for you. Make your survival strategy. Do not miss the slightest detail, because in the new territories you can find unique resources for the development of the raft, meet new types of animals and monsters, as well as complete themed tasks and receive valuable rewards.

Resource Gathering and Crafting Stations For the successful raft development, you need to make your safe zone and stock up on useful resources. To stay alive in the survival game, you can build machines for the extraction of water and food, as well as devices for crafting clothes and materials to improve the raft. Collect as many supplies and resources from under sand as possible, otherwise it will be your last day that you see the sun.

Complete adventure quests and go through the storyline To diversify the gameplay in the world of Desert Nomad, we have added quests and passage of an exciting storyline with quest tasks. Complete a variety of tasks and get nice bonuses to speed up your raft and combat survival equipment development.

Fight the monsters of the desert Everything looks like an apocalypse. The monsters, like zombies, run, smelling something alive. Defend your air raft from the invasion and attacks of various creatures that are eager to feast on you. Try to survive by strengthening the structure of the raft and facing the mutants of the golden sands face to face. Fight for survival on a raft in the middle of endless desert locations surrounded by dangerous monsters living both on the ground and underground.

High-quality 3D graphics Enjoy a survival game in stunning 3D graphics. The desert, animal and plant worlds of the game are made in the HD quality, and the elements of clothing, armor and items are highly detailed. You are to survive after the apocalipsis at any cost on an air raft in the middle of the desert!

We are ready to please you with our desert surviving adventure game with new items, locations and stories. Immerse yourself in the thrilling air raft rescue atmosphere with Raft Survival: Desert Nomad. Your fate is in your hands!

In this desolate desert, you are a lonely nomad who must survive by your own strength and wisdom. In order to survive in this wilderness, you need to collect various resources, build shelters and fight against various challenges of the natural environment.The main gameplay in the game is building air rafts and constructing shelters on them. The air raft is the only tool that the player has to survive in the desert, it floats on the desert and provides shelter to the player. You need to build shelters on the raft to protect yourself from the harsh environment of the desert and other dangerous creatures.In the game, players need to collect various resources such as water, food, wood and metal which are necessary for survival. Players can collect resources using a grappling hook, which is a tool that can pull resources from a distance. In the game, you need to use your grappling hook carefully to ensure that you can collect enough resources to survive.In addition to collecting resources and building shelters, players will also need to combat various challenges in the desert, such as sandstorms, dust storms and other harsh weather conditions. In order to survive these conditions, you need to take a series of measures, such as fortifying your shelter, collecting enough water and food, and protecting yourself from other dangerous creatures.In the game, players need to constantly think, plan and act to ensure their survival. You need to acquire various skills and knowledge such as building, gathering, crafting, hunting and defense to survive in this inhospitable world.Overall, Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is a very interesting survival game that is challenging and deep, allowing players to experience the true joy of survival. If you like challenges and adventures, then this game is definitely worth a try.

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