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Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez

Dumb Dahmer

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Dumb Dahmer

A.K.A.: "The Milwaukee Cannibal" Classification: Serial killer Characteristics: Rape - Dismemberment - Necrophilia - Cannibalism Number of victims: 17 Date of murder: 1978 - 1991 Date of arrest: July 22, 1991 Date of birth: May 21, 1960 Victims profile: Stephen Hicks, 19 / Steven Tuomi, 26 / James "Jamie" Doxtator, 14 / Richard Guerrero, 25 / Anthony Sears, 26 / Eddie Smith, 36 / Ricky Beeks, 27 / Ernest Miller, 22 / David Thomas, 23 / Curtis Straughter, 19 / Errol Lindsey, 19 / Tony Hughes, 31 / Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14 / Matt Turner, 20 / Jeremiah Weinberger, 23 / Oliver Lacy, 23 / Joseph Bradehoft, 25 Method of murder: Strangulation - Cutting his throat Location: Ohio/Wisconsin, USA Status: Pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Sentenced to 15 life terms, totaling 957 years in prison, in Wisconsin on February 15, 1992. Sentenced to life in prison in Ohio in May 1992. Murdered in jail by convicted murderer Christopher Scarver on November 28, 1994 Known victims Name: Steven Hicks, 19. Location: Bath Township. June 1978. Method: He got him drunk then hit with a dumb-bell and finally strangled. Disposal: After killing Steven he dismembered the body with a carving knife. He later pulverised the bones with a sledge hammer and scattered the bones around the property. The flesh was put into bags and buried in a crawlspace under the house. It wasn't until 3yrs later that police and forensics found the remains. Name: Steven Tuomi, 24. Location: Ambassador Hotel. November 21, 1987. Method: Got victim drunk then smashed his chest in and attempted to rip out his heart. Disposal: In a panic he rushed out to the nearest store and bought a large trunk where he placed the dismembered carcass. He then took the body back to his grandmothers house and put it in the basement where he could continue to cut it up. After doing so he put the remains into a plastic bag and threw it out with the garbage. No remains were ever found of Steven Tuomi.

That said, intelligence is an important quality for a president. One might hope it was the most important quality, in fact! So don't be afraid to pull a Jed Bartlet from season four of The West Wing and be the smartest guy in the room. You want to prove that you're the right guy for the job. Playing dumb won't do you any favors overall. 041b061a72

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