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George Safonov
George Safonov

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Download Movie Free

Ok. So, take a #googleCardboard and just download a free app "VR Cinema" Now take any , any video you ever shot with your cellphone and view it through the cardboard and the app (better if its a moment that thrilled you in life). It's an overwhelming feeling. Reminds me of those movies where space scientist watches clips of his time on earth. Don't know about other forms, but this very basic viewing apparatus upgrades the experience and makes you immerse in moments. - Its not about 3D, not about even 360 but its about the magic of lenses and the split screen view and most of all about the content... "Immersiveness and presence is all about context, content and feel, VR is an artists and story tellers, medium.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai download movie free

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