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Luke Williams
Luke Williams

Lastly, we recognize that SparkPeople's passionate community is one of its most treasured assets, and we want to ensure that you continue to support and uplift each other even after SparkPeople goes offline. In an effort to continue to foster this community, we will be creating a "SparkPeople Alumni" Facebook group! You can click on this link to join your fellow SparkPeople friends: Click here! We will be approaching some SparkPeople members who embody the brand and what it means to be a positive leader to help lead this group, and we hope it becomes a space for you to share your wins, find inspiration on your off days and celebrate all that it means to be living healthy! This group will be a "bridge" as we work to build community features on SparkAmerica. If you have any more questions, we encourage you to reach out to us at

SparkPeople operated, which offered a free four-stage diet program which used tools, content, and support to help users make lifestyle changes, and, which allowed users the ability to catalog, rate, and share recipes, especially healthy recipes, and gave users the nutritional information about their recipes. It also offered the ability to add these recipes to their daily food log on SparkPeople. 041b061a72

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