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Corner Betting from A to Z: A Deep Dive from Wintips

Not just limited to Asian Handicap or Over/Under bets, corner betting is also gaining popularity among many players. With simple concepts, easy placement, and countless enticing options, it's a type of bet that newcomers should consider trying. However, grasp the knowledge before diving into the details below from Win tips.

Understanding the Basics of Corner Betting

Though not as prominent as the three common types of bets—Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under—corner betting holds its ground. This form of wagering, known as Corner Bet in English, involves predicting the number of corner kicks in a football match. There are many options; you can bet on the exact number of corner kicks or speculate whether there will be more or fewer than the number set by the online bookmakers, and so forth.

A corner kick occurs when the ball passes the goal line at either end after touching a defending player. It's an unpredictable event, adding excitement to betting as it's not influenced by goals or match results. Hence, you don't need to worry too much about the final score.

Common Types of Corner Bets

As mentioned, there are various types of corner bets to choose from. Here's a rundown of all the types:

First/Last Corner Bet

These are the simplest and most straightforward bets as they involve predicting which team will be awarded the first corner kick. Similarly, if you correctly predict the team that takes the last corner kick of the match, you win.

Next Corner Bet

Considered an advanced form of corner betting compared to the previous two types. Here, you predict the occurrence of a corner kick after any corner situation provided by the bookmaker.

No Corner Bet

A rare occurrence in football, making this type of bet a challenging one. However, it comes with a high winning rate and offers the most thrilling experience among corner bets.

Odd/Even Bet

This bet is relatively easy to place. You simply choose whether the total number of corner kicks in the entire match or within a half will be odd or even. The chance of winning in this bet is around 50%, evenly distributed between odd and even numbers.

Corner Over/Under Bet

Similar to regular Over/Under bets, this type involves predicting whether the total number of corner kicks will be higher or lower than the bookmaker's set number. Like odd/even bets, the winning odds are quite high in this type of bet. You can bet for both halves or the whole match. If you want to aim big, you can bet on both but need to analyze each scenario carefully.

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First 10 Minutes Corner Bet

This is a relatively new type of bet in the Vietnamese market but is widely favored by players worldwide. Here, you can bet on whether there will be more or fewer than a certain number of corner kicks within the specific time frame from 00:00 to 09:59 in a specific match.

Handicap Betting

This form applies a corner kick handicap to one team. This means some corner kicks will be subtracted or added to the total after the match, depending on how you place your bet. For example, a +2 handicap will add 2 corners to the team given the handicap to the actual number.

Effective Corner Betting Strategies

To win in this form of betting, players need to have some useful tactics alongside common knowledge. Mainly relying on the following information:

Team Tactics and Playing Style

One of the best ways to start with this type of betting is to have a better understanding of how teams apply their tactics. You need to analyze whether their playing style is set up to create more corner kicks in the match or not.

Observing Wing Players

Another useful tip is to look for teams with two wide-running players. Nowadays, wing players are quite rare, especially those using their strong foot on the wing. The reason this is important is that they won't cut inside and will seek to cross immediately, increasing the chances of the ball hitting an opponent and resulting in corner kicks.

Applying Corner Statistic Data

Keeping track of corner kick statistics in at least the last 5 matches is something players should do. This will reflect the average number of corner kicks that team usually gets. From there, players can predict the relative statistics in the upcoming match.

Above is all the useful and detailed knowledge about corner betting from Wintips. Read carefully to become an expert in this type of betting. Don't forget to follow us for a deeper understanding of other forms of betting.

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