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Polaris Rzr Ecu Tuning Software VERIFIED

Upon receiving your ECU at our facility, EVP engineers will perform the Bench Flash to install your chosen Tune Package software, as well as perform a CAN unlock*. The CAN unlock will allow all future tune updates and/or upgrades to be performed via EVP CodeShooter or Maptuner tuning devices (COMING SOON). *This CAN unlock can only be performed at EVP Wisconsin facility. The standard performance (Without) CAN unlock can be performed at select EVP dealers.

polaris rzr ecu tuning software

Download Zip:

The G9 ECU tune is pump gas friendly and the most aggressive trail version reflash currently offered by Gilomen Innovations for the XP 1000cc RZR models. All engine protections are left in place so your engine stays running safe. Fuel and timing maps revised for peak performance on pump gas. I have found that Polaris has their factory tuning designed in order to pass strict EPA testing. The G9 revised timing and fuel maps allow the engine to make more power with cooler piston crown and valve temps. The cooling fan on temp is lowered from 205F to 190F degrees to keep your engine running cooler and lasting longer. Rev limiter is raised to 9200 RPM, Speed limiter in high gear raised to 99MPH, Speed limiter in low gear raised to 45 MPH. Speeds can exceed 90 MPH with this tune. 10.7 HP gain! Once you get the tuned ECU from us simply plug it in and you are ready to go. Price includes shipping to you. It is your responsibility to get your ecu to me. Turn around time is 1 business day. Full Race tunes are available per request.

If you are flash tuning your machine yourself using the EZ LYNK AUTO AGENT 2 device you will need to Lynk your vehicle to Gilomen Innovations through the EZ Lynk Auto Agent app on your android or apple phone. Lynk your vehicle to our technician account

If you are flash tuning your machine yourself using a dyno jet device you will need to email us the STK file and the PV-INFO file so we can configure a tune for your machine and email it to you. Email your STK and PV-INFO file to

If you are flash tuning your machine yourself using the HP Tuners device you will need to email us the vehicle vin #, the stock file that you read out of the machine, and your HP Tuners serial number / interface ID # which is on the back of your device. It is your responsibility to have the knowledge to use the HP tuners device to flash your machine. You are responsible to obtain the proper credits to license your vehicle vin # on your device. You need to purchase a tune on our website first. GILOMEN INNOVATIONS DOES NOT OFFER TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THE HP TUNERS DEVICE. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE USING THE HP TUNERS DEVICE OR THEIR SOFTWARE YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT HP TUNERS SUPPORT.

Say hello to the latest generation OBDII interface by HP Tuners. Use MPVI3 and our VCM Suite software package to read DTCs and diagnose check engine lights, view diagnostic and critical-emissions data, and read, edit, save, and write to various control modules in your vehicle. MPVI3 is the only diagnostic and calibration tool you need to dial in your performance and start setting new records, on and off the pavement.

Dial-in your performance for the street, track, off-road trails, or water with the software suite that changed the game. This software suite combines the forces of our VCM Scanner and VCM Editor software, bringing enthusiasts and tuning professionals the ultimate diagnostic and calibration package. Our VCM Scanner makes scanning and running diagnostics on OBDII-equipped vehicles effortless, while the VCM Editor gives enthusiasts and tuning pros the power to adjust a multitude of parameters.

YouTube saw it first. Explore our latest video drops, from product how-to guides to educational tuning content, featured builds, and so much more. Join the HP Tuners crew by subscribing to our YouTube channel!

Welcome to our website where you can find original ECU files for Polaris vehicles as well as various tuning files for Polaris. We work on all kinds of vehicles with diesel, petrol/gasoline or hybrid powering options.

We here at DROW have worked with aRacer over the past year to introduce the aRacer RC1 Super to the Polaris RZR 170 market. This is unlike any other ECU on the market, featuring dozens of adjustments and monitoring solutions. In short, the Super ECU is constructed to be completely standalone allowing for full adjustment and data feedback. Which is key to tuning and building a fast and capable RZR 170. However, aRacer RC1 Super ECU is recommended for use on race RZR 170s but can easily be used to utilize full performance for a casual ride. We will run through some of the features offered by the aRacer RC1 Super ECU at the bottom of the page.

One of our most favorite features with the aRacer RC1 Super is their easy to use tuning software. This not only includes their computer program but also their mobile app. Although the app can only provide real-time data monitoring, data logging, malfunction codes, and a few other features. This capability can be used as a monitoring system for temperature and racing information. The superior computer software is the real big gun in the tuning process.

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