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Backpacking Jacket Buying Guide

Rain and wind can chill you when backpacking, so its good to carry layers that you can use to deflect both. I prefer wearing a rain jacket and rain pants for my climate, although there are other options like ponchos, rain chaps, or a rain skirt. For three-season use, I like to carry a waterproof layer is that light enough to use as a wind layer, both in terms of weight and the amount of heat it traps.

backpacking jacket buying guide

Our team of testers has braved storms from the rain-drenched foothills of the Pacific Northwest to the mountains of Colorado to review and publish rain jacket guides for men and women. For this guide, we considered a broad range of uses for rain jackets, and included selections for both city and outdoor use.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this guide to (the best) softshell jackets and it will help you find the right softshell jacket for your outings. Oh, and if you have any suggestions, comments, remarks or questions, drop us a line in the comments section below.

In this article we selected the best fleece jackets for hiking to make your buying decision a little easier. As fleece jackets provide very little protection against rain and wind, we recommend that you also read our review of the Best Hiking Rain Jackets or the Best Hiking Softshell Jackets.

Travel insurance can be a great investment if you run into any trouble on the road because it helps cover your travel gear, flights, accommodation, rail passes, medical emergencies, and more. We personally use World Nomads but here is a guide to buying travel insurance if you want to know what to look for when buying travel insurance.

In addition to the features of the specific dog coat, also consider when and where you plan on using the dog jacket, and consider buying the insulating layer and waterproof layers separately, so you have more versatility when it comes to layering and adjusting for changing weather conditions.

Just like rain trousers, rain jackets can help travellers prepare for inclement weather on a backpacking trip. Opt for a lightweight running jacket to stay dry, and when you no longer need it, it can be packed into its own pocket to save space.

Tip: Store your packed rain jacket in an easily accessible place in your backpack, such as an outer pocket or the top lid, to quickly cover up when needed and keep the rest of your backpacking gear dry.

If you already have a great experience with a particular brand, you may wish to favor them, however be sure to fully evaluate the item based upon each of the points featured in this hardshell buying guide, before making your purchase.

Every ounce counts in the world of ultralight backpacking, so get your hands on a precision scale and weigh every item that goes into your pack. Analyzing the weight of your existing gear will help guide the way for future changes to your setup.

One of the best backpacking trips in Washington is the Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park Trail. The trail is filled with waterfalls, river views, bridges, beautiful trees, bears, mountains, and it even has a chalet in the valley! The experience was incredible and has by far been my favorite trail in Olympic National Park. Since the trail is on the longer side (26 miles in and out), it is recommended to backpack and spend the night on the trail at least for a night. Planning for a backpacking trip can be stressful which is why I have made this post to make your life a lot easier. This post is packed with information on the trail (like permits, maps, packing lists, etc.). So keep reading on for an ultimate guide on Enchanted Valley Washington.

Gear is a huge part of our expertise at Wildland. As an all-inclusive hiking and backpacking company, we have provided our guests with backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, trekking poles and more for over a decade and a half. We supply our guides with backpacking stoves, camp kitchen items, camp stoves, water filters and a myriad of other gear. We also make recommendations for what types of clothing, rain gear, footwear and personal items our guests should bring on trips.

I am heading to Guatemala for a 2-week backpacking trip this August. More often than not I will be staying in hostels, but there is a good chance I will be hiking and camping (max 3 nights). Not too much extra gear: hammock w/ mosquito net and rain cover, hiking shoes, water proof jacket, maybe a few other various items. Would you still recommend a travel pack vs. a trekking pack?

Fjallraven have long produced some of our favourite gear. Their attention to detail and high production quality have given the company a lot of clout in the outdoor world. Anyone who has owned a Fjallraven jacket will know the level of quality these jackets hold. If you haven't had the chance to try out a Fjallraven jacket yet then you're in the right place! We've compiled a handy guide to the different Fjallraven models and their intended uses!

Those are my top recommendations for the best puffy jackets for ultralight backpacking. There are a lot of amazing jackets on the market. Do your research and figure out what makes the most sense for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Enter your email below to receive more UL gear reviews and comparisons straight to your inbox. 041b061a72

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