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Luke Williams

Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods Free

the rusted sword is an iron sword that brings a vicious, dark, life-draining curse to its enemies. it deals high damage with the right attacks, but takes a bit of time to charge up. its a very traditional looking weapon, much like its spiritual predecessor, the rusted sword of the first dark. it has a slow charge up time, but deals a ton of damage. it costs only 1600 souls to charge and can be wielded by any level player.

Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods

the greatsword has the same base stats as the rusted sword, but with the addition of the dark charge. this curse charges after using the greatsword, though at a slower rate than the rusted sword. it also provides a permanent protection from fire, and acts as a bonus resist against a player's current type of weapon. this is a pretty powerful weapon, but it can be a bit expensive. it costs 4500 souls to charge and is used by players of any level.

the dark knight sword is a sword that deals a ton of damage, but at a slower rate than the rusted and greatsword. it has a high potential to be a player's favorite weapon, since it doesn't require a ton of resources to charge up and it can be used at any level. it has the dark charge, but it has a very slow charge up time, making it a bit tricky to use. it costs 8500 souls to charge and can only be wielded by players of level 55.

if you need more choice in your weapons, the two-handed weapons are all but required for a complete dark souls 3 playthrough. with the release of the dark knight sword, players are able to bring one of the most powerful heavy weapons in the game, with the deathbringer sword. the deathbringer is like a full-fledged, two-handed sword, with the ability to use dual attacks. it deals higher damage than the dark knight sword, and has an increased weight. it costs 10,000 souls to charge and can only be wielded by players of level 55.

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