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Dylan Sanchez

Download Film Dum Maaro Dum 1 2 3 [NEW] Full Movie

The film starts with a footballer, Lawrence "Lorry" Gomes, who gets admission into an American college. Due to insufficient funds, he is unable to fulfill his dream. On the other hand, his girlfriend Tani got a scholarship to the US. Though he is happy with his girlfriend's achievement, he becomes depressed for not fulfilling his own dream. His friend Ricky tells him that he can get him into the college, but Lorry will have to smuggle drugs along with him. Lorry agrees and, at the airport, successfully passes the X-ray machine.

Download Film Dum Maaro Dum 1 2 3 Full Movie

Joki meets Zoey, and the two end up sleeping together. Zoey gives him a video of Biscuit announcing that he is going to have a rave in neighboring Karnataka, out of Kamath's jurisdiction and that Michael Barbosa will be bringing and exchanging drugs. Joki gives this tape to Kamath. When Biscuit learns about Zoey and Joki, he kills Zoey. After recruiting Lorry for help, Kamath attacks Biscuit's party and arrests the drug dealers. When Kamath's colleague Rane asks him about Barbosa, Kamath says that he knows the secret of Barbosa, and Rane kills Kamath. It is revealed that Rane was always involved with Biscuit. Joki later finds out about Kamath's death and arrives at the crime scene, fitting together the pieces as Kamath has. Michael Barbosa is not a man, but a gravesite Biscuit uses for storing drugs. We see Joki carefully storing the bags of cocaine somewhere, then calling Rane to arrange a meeting. Lorry is now free of the charge, and he leaves jail. When Joki and Rane are going to meet Biscuit, Joki kills Rane, saying that he knows Rane is the person who killed Kamath. Kamath's body is being cremated in an electric furnace owned by Biscuit. We see that this is where Joki has put the drugs, and Biscuit arrives only too late. Having been brought down by the destruction of his stockpile, Biscuit is killed by a woman, possibly Rozanna. Lorry comes to a beach party where Joki is singing, and Tani joins him in a joyful reunion. The film ends with Joki on his bike, riding off into the sunset, remembering Kamath and Zoey.

There was controversy over the theme of the film. One particular promotional dialogue from the film, "Liquor is cheap here and women are even cheaper here", caused quite a stir.[24] Media professional Savio Rodrigues filed a petition to Goa Bench of Bombay High Court seeking a permanent ban on the movie stating that the wrong portrayal might attract sex offenders, drug launderers and criminals to Goa.[25]

Though Goa is the backdrop of the film, youll identify with it because of the mannerisms of people. Youll almost always spot a newly-wed couple like these in Goa. The tourist bus and the tacky hotel which is usually a part of a group package deal is also showcased in this movie.

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