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Download AI Brushes for Creative and Realistic Effects in Illustrator

Creating a calligraphic brush is easiest because the other types require you to first create a pattern. However you can do this using an iPad or iPhone with Adobe Brush CC, and you can even create Illustrator brushes from photos. Also see our tutorial on how to create your own Calligraphic brush in Illustrator).

The best Illustrator brushes can expand your creative options in Adobe's industry-standard vector graphics editor. They can be a quick, convenient way to create more textures and more varied depth and character without having to create your own brushes from scratch.

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There are lots of Illustrator brushes available out there online, both free Illustrator brushes and premium options. To help you find the gems, we've made a pick of the best Illustrator brushes for different uses, starting with the best free Illustrator brushes and moving on to the best premium Illustrator brushes. You can click on the quick links to jump to the section you want, or you can scroll down to browse them all. For each option, we've linked to the site where you can download the brush or brush pack.

For a low-monthly fee subscription to Envato Elements, you can get amazing brushes for Adobe Illustrator. You can also find other creative assets like fonts, graphic templates, patterns, illustrations, and so much more.

In this article, you will find a huge compilation of free Illustrator brushes on the web, such as floral flourishes, swirls, foliage brushes, sketch brushes, watercolor brushes, chains, ropes, beautiful border brushes, Christmas themes, snowflakes, beads, gem brushes, and more. You name it, we've got it! And we've brought them all here just for you.

Update your toolbox with this set of floral brushes. It includes over 20 free Illustrator floral brushes, vector illustrations, and additional support. We're sure you'll find a pattern brush for Illustrator that suits your needs.

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Sometimes simplicity is key for your borders. This set of ink borders is artistic and perfect for any creative. Enjoy various styles and shapes for your design projects. This is a great set of Illustrator ink brushes.

Are you looking for a graffiti style in your art? Then look no further than this download of free brushes for Illustrator. It features a set of more than ten unique Adobe Illustrator brushes with realistic ink stain effects.

Make a cluster of stars with this free pack of Illustrator star scatter brushes. It includes 12 free designs that can also be used as wreaths or borders. Go ahead and get these vector brush strokes for free.

If you're looking for a great investment, then why not give these premium Illustrator brushes a shot? These unique Adobe Illustrator brushes have been selected from the large collection of Envato Elements, and they're all available to download.

Create beautiful handmade illustrations with this set of gorgeous Illustrator brushes. Included in this package are 35 awesome linocut brushes designed to give your illustrations that rustic, hand-carved look.

Try not to cut yourself with this awesome set of 52 cut-edge Illustrator brushes. The ultimate set for achieving that digital woodcut look, this package features amazing linocut brushes that work really well for line art too. It's a nice alternative to a download of free brushes for Illustrator.

Every artist could use a selection of the essentials in their design kit. And you'll be happy you went with this incredible set of essential art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Download this package to gain access to 28 artistic brushes to add texture to your designs.

Add subtle gradients and shadows to your illustrations with ease. This amazing set of high-quality brushes was designed to help you easily make texture shades. Choose from 22 unique brushes to shade, add texture, or create line art for your illustrative work.

Add a little imperfection to your designs with these awesome print texture brushes for Illustrator. With special attention paid to the flaws and subtle marks left over from under-inked printing, these brushes are ideal for adding texture to your work. Choose from dozens of brushes to give your designs that vintage look. Go ahead and get this brush stroke vector.

Get crafty with this fun stitch brush for Illustrator. If you need an easy way to add instant charm to your designs, add a little stitching to your work. This set of 19 highly detailed pattern brushes allows you to apply the effect fast and easily to your own brushwork. Bonus Christmas and Valentine-themed stitches also included.

You'll be tempted to let your work dry after using these realistic painted canvas brushes. Designed to give you that traditional painterly feel, this set of 67 brushes comes complete with standard, angled, and messy brushes to fulfill your artistic needs.

Feeling a little chained to your designs? Well, you can add a unique realistic chain to your work with these fun Illustrator chain brushes. Choose from a variety of brush styles and add that extra pizazz to your borders, dividers, or illustrations.

The beauty of working digitally is that you can still achieve the look of traditional art but with scalable elements. In this set of amazing watercolor brushes, choose from 83 high-quality handmade brushes to fit a variety of occasions.

Need a one-stop shop for great Illustrator brushes? Check out this amazing pack of 56 varied styles to cover everything you need to work digitally. It includes everything from traditional art textures to clean patterns and shapes, so you'll be able to use this brush pack in many creative projects.

If you like the serene feel of sailing on the open seas then you'll probably fancy these Illustrator brushes as well. Inspired by the classic rope styles found in nautical designs, this package features 42 different brushes perfectly created with no gaps or glitches.

Create amazing vintage shading effects with this incredible set of stipple brushes. Designed for both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this brush set lets you create authentic stippling textures in just seconds. Use it for print, web, and app design.

Set up your projects with incredible details with this set of handmade Illustrator grunge brushes. This pack of Adobe Illustrator assets includes 25 hand-drawn designs created with real dry paintbrush textures. Enjoy!

Realistic smoke effects may seem hard to create in Adobe Illustrator. Now you can mimic the real thing with this set of Illustrator smoke brushes. This set includes eight high-quality vector brushes for Adobe Illustrator CS5 or higher. Get this amazing brush stroke vector!

Borders can be a great finishing detail to any design. And now you have 20 amazing border brushes to choose from. In this incredible package, you'll find an array of border brushes, from pattern brushes to separators and so much more.

Achieve that gorgeous halftone look with this Illustrator brush set. This amazing package includes 26 halftone brushes that come in two unique styles. Decorate your designs with that messy screen-tone look, or distribute the effect evenly with cleaner lines.

Love traditional art textures? Enjoy high-quality distressing brushes with this set of sponge-inspired Adobe Illustrator assets. This massive pack includes 56 highly textured art and scatter brushes for all your creative projects.

Cool down your designs with this fun icicle Illustrator brush set. This set of brushes comes with five incredible frozen variations that are extremely easy to use. Turn your paths into a string of icicles with just one simple click.

If you have a soft spot for fashion design then you'll definitely love these lace brushes. These unique vector brushes simulate realistic lace trim details to add that extra pop to your designs. Included are seven different laces to add style to your fashion illustrations.

Ideal for type effects, this Adobe Illustrator pack features grit, grain, and Illustrator grunge brushes. Use them for illustrations like the image below or for subtle decorations on your work. Included in this pack are 24 Illustrator brushes and a quick help guide. Go ahead and download this fun brush stroke vector.

Illuminate your designs with these professional neon brushes. Carefully crafted to help draw bright neon lines just like a pen, these brushes come in a variety of glows, contrasts, and line types to satisfy all your design needs.

If you're an artist who loves to draw with the classic pencil and paper setup, then you're sure to love these brushes. Designed to give you that traditional feel, this set includes 18 art brushes hand-drawn to give your designs that handmade look.

For those new to using Adobe Illustrator brushes, don't worry! Envato Tuts+ has you covered with all the resources you need to get started. First, learn how to get started with your new downloads with this helpful video guide:

If you need a professional solution, our vector Illustrator brushes are available for purchase on GraphicRiver. We have a large, premium assortment to choose from, with straightforward usage rights and excellent creative options.

If you want to learn more, try our free course on how to use Adobe Illustrator. Dan Scott teaches you all the basics to learn how to work with a pattern brush for Illustrator and the basics of brushes.

This post has been updated several times over the years to remove old downloads that are no longer available. Sadly, free Illustrator brushes are few and far between these days, so here are my picks of high-quality Illustrator brushes that cost a little money, but are comprehensive collections of professionally created tools. Still looking for free downloads? You can find the remaining Illustrator brush sets you can download for free here.

One of the great benefits of working with the best designers and illustrators in the industry is that you can collaborate with them! Friend of the "family", Von Glitschka, developed an exclusive set of brushes for all our Astute Graphics annual subscription customers (read more about that here). In this quick tip tutorial we're going to show you how to use these brushes with DynamicSketch.

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