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Where To Buy Homeschool Books

Thrift Books offers a large selection of affordable used books. Thrift Books offers free shipping on all orders over $10 and frequently has special sales. Thrift Books also has a loyalty program called Reading Rewards. Every purchase earns points towards free books. (Promotions are subject to change.)

where to buy homeschool books

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Second Harvest is a small, family-owned curriculum resale business. Their well-organized online store is a good place to look for traditional textbook curriculum. Their prices are typically 25 to 75% less than new books.

AbeBooks offers used and new books and textbooks, as well as art, collectibles, and other items. Their online marketplace includes items listed by sellers located in more than 50 different countries. They also offer a book buyback program.

PaperBack Swap is a large online community for swapping free used books. The only thing you have to pay for is the cost of postage when you send a book. Once the receiving member marks that they have received your book, your account is credited. Then you use your credits to request books from other members.

Find homeschool curriculum (including Christian homeschool curriculum), workbooks, living books, and resources for all styles and methods of homeschooling at! Discover the homeschooling curriculum that will best fit with your child and family to meet your educational goals for the year. is a lesser known place to get used homeschool curriculum. It is run similarly to HomeschoolClassifieds, but is smaller and caters to Christian Homeschool curriculum shoppers.

Hello! My name is Lauren and welcome to my blog! I am the wife of an amazing husband and we have 3 sweet girls. I never, ever saw myself becoming a homeschooler, but our family has been so blessed by the choice to school at home. I am passionate about helping you get on your feet with your homeschool and encouraging you on your journey!

Like most homeschool parents, you probably only use your curriculum once or twice before you no longer need it. Instead of throwing out the curriculum parents like yourself sell it for a much more reasonable price than you will find for the new curriculum.

At Homeschool Classifieds, you can find not only used curriculum for almost any subject under the sun, but you can also find great resources for homeschool groups, events, and organization. When it comes to being a thrifty homeschooler, this is a great resource to have in your basket.

With the Back Pack, you can pick and choose to build your own curriculum. Not only can you get homeschool curriculum for grades K-12, but you can get used textbooks for your college-bound kids. If you call before placing your order, you can get most books discounted by 50%.

Another great online option for used homeschool curriculum is Second Harvest Curriculum. They are known for their deals on the day page and overstock section. They carry all the popular curriculum and some you haven't heard of, and they are an excellent way to try something new out.

This one is obvious, but you can find great deals on eBay. I love using the Which Way USA activity books and maps while we travel and I was able to get the whole set on eBay for 1/5 the price as new!

Ok yes, is marketed as an online clothes consignment shop, but they have books and DVD section. I have been able to find brand new curriculum here, books on our reading list and even educational movies!

This one is one of my favorites! Paperback Swap is a huge online community that is nearly free to get curriculum. You only pay for the postage to ship the books. Otherwise, you can freely swap and snag curriculum you need or want for free. I get personal books here along with school books. You can create a wishlist, so when an item becomes available, you get a turn to claim it.

To me, Abe Books is like an online thrift store just for books. The prices are low, items are used, and you never know what you might find. I have found many items on my wishlist here at great prices, so I always check it out.

Typically, when we need something, we just do a Google search. However, Facebook is almost as good as Google. There are tons of groups on Facebook for free homeschool curriculum, curriculum swapping, and discounted curriculum. Not to mention the resources you can find for events, activities, and meetups. If you are committed to a certain brand of the curriculum like Abeka, Five in a Row, Math You See, etc. you can surely find a group just for buying and selling that curriculum.

For example, if you use the classical homeschool method in your homeschool, the Classical Homeschool USED Curriculum group would be a perfect option for you because it narrows your search automatically.

Today, e-readers can make reading the classics that are in public domain a very inexpensive way to offer literature. My daughter loves her Kindle and is always converting books from or Gutenburg to Kindle format so that she can read them on her Kindle. It is a great money saving option.

Great list. I will have to look into some of those resources. I use a lot. They also have free shipping. And, if a book you are searching for is out of stock, you can put it on your wishlist and be sent an e-mail when it does become available. is wonderful! Free shipping on orders of $10 or more. Earn points toward a free book. Wishlist notification saves me lots of time! I recently scored a perfect condition math book for $7 which normally retails for $22 at!

I have a serious addiction to reading material for my daughter and when I shop through Thriftbooks, I can feed that addiction for cheap! With deals and coupons that make books less than $4.00 each, it is one of my favorite places to shop! The best thing about Thriftbooks is that I have been able to find books for my daughter that were on my list and unavailable anywhere else. This makes them invaluable to me as a homeschool mom.

When you think of places to buy homeschooling resources, you may not think of Etsy right off the bat, but it can be a HUGE help! You can find printable homeschool unit studies, homeschool planners, homeschool planner stickers and more! Usually these printables are very affordable too making them easy on your budget!

Another great place to buy homeschool curriculum is Homeschool Books for Less. The majority of their items for sale are faith based, but you can find curriculum and reading supplements for a great price. You can also consign your older items too if you have any that you need to get rid of. They pay 50% of the sale price back to you as long as you agree to leave your books on consignment for a least a year to ensure that they will sell.

If you use magazines in your homeschool, make sure to check out DiscountMags. You can score deals on magazines like Nat Geo Kids or the American Girl magazine. Why pay full price for something when you can save money?

The same World Book that put out those books you remember from our childhood now allow you to shop online at The World Book Store. You can buy encyclopedia sets, digital products and more. They even have a few free homeschooling resources for you to use too!

Another popular favorite is Half Price Books, with locations in Kansas City, Olathe and Overland Park. You can also get a HPB Educator Discount as a homeschooler, so you can save 10 percent off throughout the year! See this page for more details.

Shanxi Omoniyi (@ShanxiO on Twitter) is MPE's online content director. A homeschool alumna, Shanxi graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in journalism and English. Her company, Wordspire Media, helps businesses and nonprofits share their stories through content marketing, social media management, and email marketing.

If you have high school students who are taking college classes, and have helped me locate used textbooks for a fraction of the cost of new or bookstore prices. Both sites also have textbook rental options.

The Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange, or PACE, is a homeschool bookstore located in York County, PA with over 38,000 42,000 books and educational manipulatives. We carry new and consigned items. Most books are discounted with used items at least 40% off of retail.

Are you the parent of a middle schooler and having doubts as whether you can continue (or begin) homeschooling at the higher grades? Then this event is for you! This night will be full of information and encouragement. It will be an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about PA homeschool law (what is required anyway?), diplomas (are they necessary?), preparing for college (where do we even start?) and grading papers (grading papers seems so subjective, how do you make it fair?).

Each item from the bargain area will be a quarter (25). Sets of books are 25 per item. This includes books from my bargain area from the topics of math, science, history/geography, language arts, Bible, homeschool helps, old edition BJU and Abeka, and lots and lots of readers/novels. We generally have 4,000-7,000 books in the sale. This year, I will also be including flashcards, binders, and movie DVDs.

Do you have kids? Do you have grandkids? Do you know someone with a kid? Do you like any of these kids? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then this is the book for you. When I Was series books are activity books for your child to record their childhood. When I Was books will be fun for your child to fill out and complete now, and even more fun for you and them to look back on ten years from now. When I Was is an all-in-one book that has questions for your child to record their interests. It also has fun activities like having your child draw their family, a dinosaur, and other things to show their artistic abilities. When I Was also has pages in the book for your child to attach pictures to keep them safe. The book also has journal pages and pages for them to draw. Finally, at the end of the book, there are instructions on how to make a folder out of the last two pages to store mementos like report cards, school work, or anything else they want to preserve in a safe place. When I Was offers one convenient book to act as a time capsule for your child. Have your child complete them all to see how they changed and grew. 041b061a72

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