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Does Zales Buy Back Wedding Rings

Zales Lifetime Diamond Commitment limited warranty applies to all diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces. This Lifetime Diamond Commitment does not cover previously owned diamond jewelry, nor does it cover theft, mysterious disappearance, loss or damage other than that incurred in normal wear, and only diamonds in their original settings that have been inspected and repaired by Zales are covered by this limited warranty. Proof of purchase is required on items being returned or exchanged and on trade-ins. Net purchase price refers to final price actually paid, excluding tax. This limited warranty does not cover colored gemstone jewelry or watches. Repair charges necessary to properly secure a diamond in its mounting can be covered under Zales' optional Lifetime Protection Plan.

does zales buy back wedding rings

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DiamondsUSA is the also the best option for selling your wedding rings of gold and platinum. Actually, DiamondsUSA and its sister sites, CashforGoldUSA and CashforSilverUSA, can help you sell the following:

As an astute diamond ring shopper, these details are very vague. What does it mean when a minimum clarity of SI2-I1 is used? What exactly am I getting when the ring is being described as near colorless? And that brings us to the next part of the review: how does the quality of the rings stack up?

In general, the prices of engagement rings start from $1,999 while the wedding bands start from $649 and can go much higher depending on the intricacy of the ring setting and diamond carat sizes. So, are the prices of Vera Wang rings expensive or cheap? Are they worth it or not?

That is so horrible! My engagement ring and wedding band were stolen out of a hotel room, not having your rings is a much bigger deal than people think! I will say,if you have not purchased a new ring yet, go with a man made diamond. They are chemically exactly the same as a mined diamond, they are no conflict and they are very reasonably priced! When my husband and I got engaged, I insisted on one. You will get so much more for your money and the comoany I got mine from is amazing! And if anything ever happens to your ring(s) not only are they incredibly helpful!

I had a wedding set from Zales and for some reason it came with two diamonds on the inside of the band. One of the diamonds fell out within weeks of receiving the ring and I was upset. We took the ring back in to have them fix it, thinking they would fix it properly, I was devastated to find they put 4 prongs on the inside of this ring which required pulling the gold back to fit the prongs, it looked horrid ! I asked why they would do such an awful job on my ring repair and they said "well how else did you want us to fix it!?" since it was on the inside, I let it go but I will never shop at Zales again.

eBay is a great place to buy all kinds of things, and it was once a good place where you could sell wedding rings online. These days, many sellers find themselves disappointed by low bids or no bids at all. Furthermore, trust has become an issue; not with the platform itself, but with buyers not trusting sellers that have not established a good reputation.

While most people recognize Zales from their mall stores, Zales does sell online and the website allows customers to design custom engagement rings and choose loose diamonds, though Zales also sells diamond rings in stores. 041b061a72

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