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Where To Buy Camp Chef

Choosing a new grill can be overwhelming if you are not sure where to begin. In this article, we will explore how Traeger Grill and Camp Chef match up. Afterward, it will be up to you to decide to ditch the old Weber grill or complement it with a wood-burning pellet grill and smoker.

where to buy camp chef

Camp Chef was inspired by a love for the outdoors and a desire to have portable grilling more streamlined and convenient for campers. Vista Outdoor acquired Camp Chef in 2016. The company invested heavily in pellet grill technology. With the help of a viral video, the "Grill God" Camp Chef cemented its place in the outdoor BBQ space.

Pursuit is their entry level pellet grill. This is the most basic model with a unique flair. This pellet smoker is meant for grilling high quality BBQ with hardwood. Not only is it a great grill, but it is specifically designed to be portable. Whether you plan a camping trip to the backcountry or fit a pellet grill on your balcony, this option fulfills a unique niche in the pellet grill industry.

The Camp Chef Outdoorsman is a high-end, rugged stove for large group meals while car camping or doing field work/school. With four removable legs, it transforms from a freestanding stove into a tabletop stove. It has 60,000 BTUs per burner, making it immensely more powerful than other stoves in our review. The unparalleled BTUs mean this stove doesn't simmer as well as some of our lower-octane models, but you're likely drawn to this stove more for its power than its finesse.

Even though the burner knobs are tight, and you can dial down the flame quite a bit, they produce too much power to simmer well. We were able to make a decent (albeit al dente) pot of rice with the Outdoorsman, and this stove could handle stir-fries, stews, and curry with ease. But if your camping meal plans consistently call for delicate sauces, we recommend checking out one of the simmering champions in our review.

Like other freestanding stoves, it is pretty easy to clean as it does not have a drip pan to clean, but we found it somewhat more challenging to clean than stoves with a fully sealed drip pan. While it does not have a drip pan to catch all your food, there are a lot of little nooks and crannies to scrub should your pot boil over. That being said, you don't have to worry about losing food in the false-bottom drip pans that protect the internal components of most stoves. Finally, unless you want your camp kitchen to turn into a bear den, you do need to be more mindful of picking up flying food that escapes from your pan, as there is nothing to catch it but the ground.

With a weight of 31.01 pounds, the Outdoorsman is one of the heaviest stoves in our review. It is also relatively awkward to carry. Still, as long as you don't need to carry it very far, it is pretty easy to move between your rig and your campsite.

You can find a few reputable (as well as less-than-reputable) sites that offer reviews of camp stoves. We began with GearLab, Camping Stove Cookout, HiConsumption, and We determined the top 16 contenders from these reviews and from researching Amazon best sellers, after which we narrowed the group down to eight models to test. In 2021, we added two more of the most promising models to our cooking-test lineup. In 2022, we tested the Cascade series of Coleman stoves.

Uncovered, the Coleman Classic boiled water in 5 minutes on the right burner and 6 minutes 30 seconds on the left burner. Though this result was fairly typical (most of the stoves we tested boiled water within 5.5 minutes to 7 minutes), it stood out compared with the time that some much-pricier models required to perform the same task; the Camp Chef Rainier, for instance, took a ridiculous 20 minutes to get water anywhere near boiling. The Coleman Classic also boiled water 3 minutes faster than the more expensive (and reportedly more powerful) Coleman FyreCadet.

Bernzomatic offers a good resource online to help you track down your local solid-waste disposal authority and take the proper measures before disposing of your tanks. Contact your local government or recycling company to determine whether they handle household hazardous waste (HHW) and offer any special collection days when you can deposit the canisters. (In addition, a handful of national parks collect fuel canisters for recycling; the National Park Service recommends checking with the visitor center or your campground hosts.)

FARMINGTON, Utah, Sept. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) announced it has acquired privately owned Camp Chef (Logan Outdoor Products, LLC and Peak Trades, LLC), a leading provider of outdoor cooking solutions. Camp Chef's high-quality products deliver efficient ways to cook for almost any outdoor gathering, from camping to dinner on the back patio. The brand offers more than 250 products including camp stoves, barbecue grills, pellet grills, smokers, fire pits, and a full line of cast-iron cookware and accessories.

The completed transaction enhances Vista Outdoor's position within one of the camping market's most attractive categories, complementing its already broad portfolio of 50 brands in shooting sports and outdoor recreation. Wholesale dollar sales in the camping category grew at a 6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2010 to 2015 (source: Sports & Fitness Industry Association). Camp Chef's sales growth has been fueled by a strong product development pipeline and user-friendly products.

"The Camp Chef transaction aligns with Vista Outdoor's strategy to deliver long-term value through acquiring complementary, market-leading brands that will benefit from Vista Outdoor's balance sheet, distribution network, and sales and marketing expertise," said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark DeYoung. "Led by an entrepreneurial management team, Camp Chef has a nimble and responsive product development process. Camp Chef continues to grow its market share in the outdoor cooking category, and the brand serves many of our current consumers who are engaged in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. Acquiring Camp Chef strengthens our leadership position in outdoor recreation, allows us to enter the growing camping and outdoor cooking market, and the brand's effective multi-product, multi-channel strategy increases our presence across both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce distribution platforms."

Camping and food go hand in hand, especially when car camping affords you the luxury of a two-burner stove. This year, we tested a few new stoves and retested many previous top picks. With years of combined experience with camp cooking, we used our collective knowledge to narrow down the best camping stoves available today.

This list is for car camping stoves. If you want to eat hot food while hiking or backpacking, check out our review of the best backpacking stoves. Or, if a good char is your thing, our gear guide of the best portable grills. Otherwise, read on as we break down the nitty-gritty details of camping stoves.

While traditional one-pound propane canisters are single-use, you may consider investing in a refillable propane tank, which will allow you to refill your camp canister from 20 lb. propane tanks. This can greatly simplify your camp cooking needs and keeps disposable tanks out of the landfill.

First, consider how you plan on using your camping stove. Someone who is looking to make a near-fixture of their camp stove in a van build-out is likely to have different requirements over someone who only needs to boil water during weekend camping trips. If you are in the first camp, look into your more substantially built stoves, such as the Camp Chef Everest 2X. For more casual use, consider the Coleman Cascade Classic.

Finally, consider if you might ever utilize your stove in a hike-in capacity. There are a number of lighter camp stoves on the market, such as the Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner or Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Stove, that make packing them into camp a much easier chore.

Mary Murphy is the Managing Editor of GearJunkie. She has been writing about hiking, running, climbing, camping, skiing, and more for seven years, and has been on staff at GearJunkie since 2019. Prior to that, Mary wrote for 5280 Magazine in Denver while working as an outdoor instructor teaching climbing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and mountain biking. Based in Denver, Colorado, Murphy is an avid hiker, runner, backpacker, skier, yogi, and pack-paddleboarder.

Knowing that you can buy anything from Camp Chef grills and Camp Chef griddles to Camp Chef shipping will answer some of your questions on purchasing your new favorite off-grid camp cookware.So, do they?Does Camp Chef Ship To Canada?Answer: No, Camp Chef USA does not ship internationally to Canada. However, Camp Chef does have retailers specific to Canada. Follow the steps below to find out how to get Camp Chef products in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Camp Chef is a company based out of the United States. Currently, Camp Chef USA does not ship internationally.BUT, all hope is not lost, Camp Chef has retailers in Canada as well as a United Kingdom branch of Camp Chef where you can have Camp Chef products shipped to your home in the UK.

According to the Camp Chef website, the typical processing time is a period of 5 days from order to shipping where Camp Chef will then send your item to the shipping address you entered at the time of ordering.

Ordering online has become so common from big brands like Amazon, we are at a point where we almost expect free shipping on everything we order.If you are dropping Camp Chef items in your cart and seeing that bill rack up, you may be wondering if Camp Chef has free shipping to soften the blow when you whip out that credit card on the ordering page.Currently, Camp Chef does not offer free shipping. However, I checked out a rather large item on their website today and they did offer a flat rate of $10.00 with FedEx ground shipping. 041b061a72

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